Why Should I Take Up Pilates?

Welcome to better quality movement in your everyday activities through improved, core control, posture, and mind and body awareness.

Incorporating Pilates into your life will improve your standing, sitting and walking posture.  You'll be able to do everyday movements better; to train, workout & run better with improved range of movement and core strength. You'll be better equipped to protect your back and joints from injury, and existing pain can be significantly reduced or eradicated through practising Pilates.

Pilates is fantastic for all ages and fitness levels as every exercise can be adapted to suit and challenge every level of fitness and flexibility, from people with mobility restrictions, injuries, pre- and post-natal women, to athletes and weight trainers. We specialise in back and joint pain & injury and rehab.


Benefits of practising Pilates

1. Pilates trains the body to strengthen and stretch opposing muscles in the whole body to balance the body and correct posture, improving your self-esteem and confidence.

2. Pilates breathing and control of the breath more effectively oxygenate your blood and increases your energy levels.

3. Core control means better workouts, you'll lift weights more effectively and be able to run better by supporting your torso, prevention of injury, improved balance, strong pelvic floor muscles which is increasingly important as we get older.

4. Your fitness level, flexibility, range of motion and balance will be better, preventing trips and falls.

5. A total mind, body connection workout, promoting improved concentration and relaxation.

6. Many people find their sleep quality improves & anxiety levels reduce when they take up Pilates.

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