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I'm Sarah Wilkinson and my passion is to help you to achieve better quality movement in your everyday activities, eradicate postural pain through improved core stability and flexibility, stronger postural muscles, and to deepen your mind-body connection, creating a sense of wellbeing so that you are ready to face your next challenge with a calm and focused mind.

I worked in an office environment in the energy industry for 16 years leading people and projects in process improvement, communications and customer experience. I know what it is to work anything from 10 to 15-hour days when needed and what that does to your stress levels, memory, concentration and the toll it takes on your body, causing postural pain in your neck, shoulders and back; and ultimately the toll it takes on your health and wellbeing.

I became interested in Pilates early in 2009 when I decided I needed a regular exercise routine before I hit my 30s and while everything else was a fad or novelty, Pilates I fell in love with. I love the discipline of holding my body in the different positions and working every muscle in my body (including some I didn't know I had!) while keeping my joints aligned and safe. It's so simple and effective for whole-body toning yet very challenging. Once I saw and felt the changes in body and started to become so much stronger, more toned, had better concentration levels, less back and neck ache, I was hooked. To add to that, it is such a wonderful practice for your mind as well as your body. I love it so much and I'm thrilled that my journey took me from practising Pilates in my spare time to becoming a qualified instructor as my vocation, helping people to realise the countless benefits of the method.

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