A Perfectly ‘Shiney’ Christmas Gathering

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I’ve had some suggestions from our Shiney Row community that it’d be nice to have a little get together for Christmas and of course I agree that it would! I’m so lucky that everyone who comes to my classes just happen to be some of the loveliest people ever and it would be extra lovely to get some of us together to celebrate Christmas and get to know one another a little better outside of the community centre and our spine-stretch and mermaid poses!

I’m a bit of an issue with availability as I teach every day here, there and everywhere so it would need to be either the afternoon or evening of Wednesday December 12th.  We can do afternoon tea or evening meal.

So for the ‘Perfectly Shiney Gathering’, if you’re interested and free on the afternoon or evening of Wednesday December 12th, then please let me know as soon as you can. Anne Ratcliffe who comes to all but one of the Shiney Row classes has kindly offered to organise it for us. Thank you Anne!

So just catch me or Anne at the next class or get in touch by email sarah@perfectlypilates.co.uk , text message 07341817156 or on Messenger through Facebook @perfectlypilatesuk and let me know whether afternoon or evening is better for you and we’ll go with the majority.

I regret to say that I can’t fit in a Hexham-area Christmas meeting this year as it’s just not possible with pre-booked sessions and other commitments I have jammed in. But we should do something in the Summer and I’ll certainly get organised early for next Christmas! If any Hexham people are in the County Durham area you’re more than welcome to come and join us!

See you soon!

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