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Essential Pilates for beginners - The Foundations of Pilates

In 2019, do you want to 'get your body and your confidence back'? Do you want a sustainable exercise routine that will quickly create a stronger, leaner, healthier you with better posture and more flexibility while reducing or completely eradicating postural aches and niggling pains from your neck, back and shoulders?

...And do you want to do all of this without any impact on your bones or joints? Then book your place on our workshop to discover how to build a strong and healthy, toned body from the inside out.

In the workshop you will:

  • learn the key principles of Pilates, how and why it was developed, why it's so effective and respected all over the world, and how everyone of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from it
  • begin to train your body to adopt correct posture
  • learn how to find and engage your deep core stabilising muscles that help protect and your spine and prevent back injuries
  • try Pilates exercises that begin to strengthen the core muscles so you can feel how your body will become stronger through the practice
  • become more aware of your posture, how to improve it and how to move more effectively every day
  • learn how using your deep core muscles can make your other fitness activities more effective and safer
  • improve neck and shoulder pain by creating stability in the pelvic and shoulders
  • begin to strengthen your pelvic floor which is vital for men as well as women (men have pelvic-floor muscles too!) which are an integral part of total body strength and health
  • strengthen and tighten your body's own built-in corset (the Transversus Abdominis) and other core muscles that are often neglected and cause dysfunction on the body including the back, pelvis and hips, shoulders and neck
  • learn how to breathe effectively and in alignment with your body's natural systems to detoxify your body, reduce anxiety, stress and tension in your body, as well as making your exercises more effective and controlled
  • deepen your connection with your body helping you to be more aware of your movement patterns and to retrain better, healthier patterns in everyday activities

This workshop is perfect for beginners, refreshing those who haven't practiced for a while and a great overview and taster for those who are interested in Pilates but want to learn more before joining a mainstream class.

By the end of the workshop you're guaranteed to feel energised, well-stretched, focused and worked, yet relaxed and refreshed. You'll be ready to join our weekly classes with a sound understanding of what Pilates is and how to do many of the foundational exercises that will equip you to competently start your regular practice! T&C's Apply